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We at offer you delivery to all regions of the Republic of Macedonia. Delivery is 199 mkd. The delivery of products takes place within 24 to 48 hours. Orders received on the current day by 14:00 are delivered the next working day, while orders received after 14:00 hours are delivered over a day or within 48 hours .

Due to the volume of economic deliveries, please Contact us no later than 3 business days. The days of delivery are approximate and may be delayed due to circumstances which are not in our control.

Submissions will not be performed on Saturdays , Sundays or public holidays non-working days .


Other Information

Non-working Days

During public holidays , deliveries will not be performed. All submissions that according to the schedule are on a non-working day will be submitted next working day. And the orders made during the non-working days will be processed the next working day.


Indicator for Stock

On our website,, are showed the products that we sell. Our list of items available is updated once a week therefore filtracija .mk reserves the right if any product is currently unavailable to inform it, the merchant, by email or phone that the product is not available and immediately executed return of funds to his account.


There is In Stock

There will be no information about the quantities of products on the website itself. In carrying out the process of buying certain products when you press the button Buy opens by showing products you have selected for purchase and the amount that you desire. If we do not have enough quantities from the products (s) you have chosen you will be notified that you must make a change in the quantity of that product (s) so that it can proceed to the process of charging and delivery of that product (s).


More about Delivery

In some unfortunate case, If your product is lost or damaged during transport, you must send a request in writing. In case of non - delivery of the shipment, please wait 5 days for not having any retention . The damaged product must be retained in the event of an investigation ( inspection ).

Please be available to sign for accepting the product after receiving, because without your personal signature you will not receive the order . If you are present to receive your order, please follow the instructions on the card that will be left with instructions for further raising it.

Once there unsuccessful attempt to deliver the same the orderer , and this is repeated for a second and a third time, we keep the right to charge you the delivery .