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Retap Bottle 0.3

Part Number: 1006
Material:borosilicate glass
Height:155 mm.
Diameter:68 mm. (max)
Weight:183 gr. (with lid)

Price: 814.00 MKD

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Sometimes less is more.

The Retap Bottle 03 has all of the strength and durability of the larger bottles, but fits comfortably in a car cup holder or a small carry bag. While smaller in stature, the opening on the Retap Bottle 03 remains consistent with the rest of the Retap lineup. This means that you can switch lids from any of your bottles with ease.
Dishwasher, Microwave and Refrigerator Safe.
The Retap Bottle is designed in Denmark and manufactured in Europe.

Refilling a reusable bottle is easy, inexpensive and the simplest act of personal environmentalism you can make. By refilling a reusable Retap Bottle you help lessen the environmental impact of transporting water all over the world and significantly reduce the mountains of trash created by plastic bottles.

One of the main features of the Retap Bottles is that they are designed to keep your tap water clean:
 · The Retap bottle is designed without edges for cleaner and healthier water.
 · Retap Bottles can easily be cleaned in a dishwasher.
Prevent and remove stains

Borosilicate glass will not wear down over time, but calcium and magnesium in tap water can leave (unharmful) marks on the glass. If your dishwasher is not able to remove these marks, we have a few tips to make your Retap Bottle shine like never before:
 · Always wash your Retap Bottle and lid before use.
 · Don’t leave water in a Retap Bottle when it’s not in use. It increases the risk of calcium remains.
 · Rinse the Retap Bottle with tap water before refilling.
 · Use vinegar to remove calcium remains. You can use it pure and shake it around with a lid on the bottle or you can mix vinegar with water and leave it overnight.
 · If you clean the Retap bottle by hand: use a bottle brush. They are available in most shops with household appliances.


Our bottles are made from borosilicate glass: a highly durable and qualitative material that lasts and withstands most impacts.

If your Retap Bottle accidentally breaks, please fill out the form below and upload a picture of your purchase receipt and your broken bottle. Then, we will send you a new bottle as soon as possible.Lifetime Warranty is only valid for Retap Bottles with a standard Retap print.
Please keep your lid, we only replace the bottle.
Our Lifetime Warranty is only valid within the EU (+ Switzerland & Macedonia).
We need a copy of your purchase receipt and a picture of the broken bottle.
There is a fee of €5 for shipping and handling per bottle.